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MIKE CAMPESE Perfect Circle - By Matt Cafissi

Mike CampeseMike , first of all your surname is Italian ...

Well my Dad was born in Calabria,Italy and  came to the US when he was 4
years old.I do have relatives in italy which i never get to see,Hopefully
someday ill get a chance to go there and see them.

Tell me about your latest cd called "Full Circle" and other stuff .

My First Solo album is "Total Freedom" which is only available on cassette
on my website right now.But "Full Circle" my Latest CD  is over 74 minutes
long,With a variety of styles of music.Theres a Mixture of Rock,Jazz and
Blues with Mostly Instrumentals,there are also some Vocal tracks as well.The
Cd contains Acoustic and Electric guitar pieces. Alot of the  songs on the Cd
i play  Most of the instruments And recorded half of it in  my  Home studio,
I think this has helped me grow as a  Musician .This is all mixed together
like a soup,Which i call "just Music"

Your musical influences (guitarists and other) ?

My first musical Influence was Black Sabbath,i was totally Obsessed.I was
into  Van Halen,Ozzy with Randy Rhoads, Led Zepplin.Jimi Hendrix is also a
big influence on me.My brother  turned me on to ALDimeola ,Santana and Stevie
Ray Vaughan when i was a Kid. Yngwie Malmsteen Became a big Influence, also
Paganini and Holdsworth .My High school Days i was a speed freek.These days i
listen to a Variety of Music Classical,Fusion.etc.  I like Eric Johnson,
Steve Vai, Scott Henderson , very open minded.Its make me more
versatile as a player.

Mike CampeseWhat do you think about the famous GIT Institute ? Tell me about your experience .

I think GIT is a great sohool.Its probably one of the best years of my
life.Theres so many Amazing players at that school.It made me aware of Many
other styles of music.     I had some great teachers i really learned alot,I
cant say enough about it.Alot of Great Memories.

A personal site web is very important for underground musicians like you ?

These days i think a website is nessasary.Because Anyone in the world can
come to your site.Listen to your Music,Buy your cds,Find where your playing
.Record labels can easily check you out.Its a whole nother world ,Its the way
of the future.......... So Dont forget to check out my site

JAYE FOUCHER Female fatal - By Matt Cafissi

Jaye FoucherTell me about your Guitarapalooza , very famous on Web .

Guitarapalooza started in 1997 as a newsletter and website.  We had about 5
or 6 guitarists involved at the beginning and the idea was to share our fans
& mailing lists by putting out one newsletter that featured all of us and
mailing it to our fans.  That way we could market ourselves to a large group
of guitar fans and share the costs.  It worked so well that lots of people
wanted to join.  But it was getting too expensive to put out a paper version,
and it would have been impossible to handle a lot of artists being involved,
so we decided to make it just a website.  Since then we've grown
enormously...I think we have about 30 guitarists involved now and more ask to
join every week.  Frankly, I didn't even know there were that many guitarists
out there doing instrumental music!!! 
Last year we decided to put out a compilation CD featuring 16 of the
Guitarapalooza artists, and that was released in January 2000.  We weren't
able to sell the CD because of legal restrictions, but we gave out free
copies at the NAMM show and at the Guitarapalooza Concert we had in Los
Angeles in early February during the NAMM show, and Guitar 9's website gave
away about 100 with purchases of Guitarapalooza artist CDs.  We've got a
couple of copies left and we're using those for contest giveaways on the
website right now.  But we're in the process of putting together a volume 2
of the compilation CD, with 16 more artists.  We're planning to do the same
thing...offer them for free at the NAMM show and through Guitar 9's website,
and give some away in contests on the website.

Do you live with music and with your fanzine ?

I'm not really sure what you're asking here.  Do I live in the same place
that I practice and run the fanzine?  Yes.  The band actually rehearses at my
drummer's house but everything else is done here where I live.  (Or are you
asking something else?)

Jaye FoucherNext projects for your solo career and Guitarapalooza ?

I'm working on writing new songs for another instrumental album.  I'd like to
record that sometime next year, but a lot depends on how much I get written
by then and when my producer is available.   As for Guitarapalooza, as I
mentioned above we're working on releasing a second compilation CD and we're
also planning a big concert out at the winter NAMM show in Anaheim California
this coming January 2001.


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